What color is your brand?

The use of color to denote and reinforce brand is not new but a recent Sprint TV commercial reminds me that this tactic is still strong. Recently, Sprint has been featuring TV spots that obviously play on its yellow and black brand colors. As you’ll see in this this spot

and other similar ones, the actors’ clothes and products are highlighted in yellow and black. Same as the Sprint logo.

Getting consumers to connect your brand through color is one simple way to cut through the clutter and be more visibly identifiable. With the thousands of messages consumers receive every week, using color is one way to help your brand stick and to get your product, logo, packaging, advertisement to connect in the consumer’s mind.

Not that color alone makes a brand effective. Smarter folks than I have long said that brand is the emotional connection between your product and your consumer. But the history of strong brands is full of strong color connections.

Coke is arguably the most famous, with the use of what has long been called Coke Red. And UPS took brown (what some may have seen as a negative) and leveraged the color in its “What can Brown do for you?” campaign to signify a long list of positive service attributes.

Naturally, brand color Smneeds to be carried consistently through every touch-point and this Smashing magazine article looks at who’s doing it well online.

Folks who study color and even music have long discussed how those attributes make long-lasting emotional connections in our minds. And no matter how sophisticated our technology gets, those attributes should never be discarded or underestimated in advertising.


About Matt Silverman

Matt Silverman is a marketing and communications executive who proactively manages corporate reputations and builds brands. Matt is the Vice President and Managing Director of R&R Partners, a marketing and communications agency ranked among top 50 in U.S. by Adweek. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of R&R Partners. View all posts by Matt Silverman

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