Remembering Steve Jobs, the brand master

Much will be written in the coming days about the passing of Steve Jobs and his incredible legacy on many, many levels.

His unrelenting drive for innovation created entire new industries and products that changed the world.  He was a master at understanding a brand and built Apple into what is arguably the greatest brand of its time.

No use in me rambling about the Apple brand when you can hear it from Steve Jobs himself in this classic video. Relax and reflect in these words from the master.


About Matt Silverman

Matt Silverman is a marketing and communications executive who proactively manages corporate reputations and builds brands. Matt is the Vice President and Managing Director of R&R Partners, a marketing and communications agency ranked among top 50 in U.S. by Adweek. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of R&R Partners. View all posts by Matt Silverman

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