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Matt Silverman is a marketing and communications executive who proactively manages corporate reputations and builds brands. Matt is the Vice President and Managing Director of R&R Partners, a marketing and communications agency ranked among top 50 in U.S. by Adweek. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of R&R Partners.

Does the jcpenney store experience live up to its new marketing?

The new jcpenney logo echoes the American flag

In the last month jcpenney rolled out a bold new marketing plan, implementing a revised pricing strategy, updated logo and sophisticated looking TV commercials and catalogues. Its new positioning line is “fair and square,” which is aimed at simplifying the buying experience and echoing the company’s core values.

The remake has been an impressive effort so far, but I wondered how this new brand experience was being executed in its store. So I took my camera and went to find out. Continue reading


Manning and Irsay’s separation serves as a model for all sports teams

Manning and Irsay hug at their news conference.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and Quarterback Peyton Manning handled their separation in the classiest of ways.

Their news conference showed that not only did they have the greatest respect for each other but for the fans as well.  A remarkable juxtaposition to the way Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Team owners often infuriate their supporters when having to let go a player of Manning’s status. But the way they handled this announcement is a model for all sports teams. Clearly these two men worked together to solve a difficult challenge. The outcome is a testament to the quality of their character. They both recognize this is about the business of football, while balancing the human impact the separation would have on Manning and the city of Indianapolis. Bravo under difficult circumstances.

Read this before you send your next e-mail

A human resources executive at a company named Carat recently committed the same boo-boo most of us have made at one time or another – sending an e-mail to the wrong person. But this mistake was colossal. The HR person planned to send detailed, inside-information about pending layoffs to senior managers. Unfortunately, the e-mail was accidentally sent to the entire staff instead and all the details ultimately landed in the media.

While I hope an e-mail error of that magnitude never happens to you, many business people regularly chip away at their credibility by committing one or more of the eight e-mail sins below. Continue reading

Insightful Video: Sometimes creativity takes time

Sometimes clients  expect inspirational creative work under tight timelines.

Creativity takes time

And while we often make amazing things happen, this video shows why our creative teams always fight for more time.  It’s worth two minutes to watch.


Remembering Steve Jobs, the brand master

Much will be written in the coming days about the passing of Steve Jobs and his incredible legacy on many, many levels.

His unrelenting drive for innovation created entire new industries and products that changed the world.  He was a master at understanding a brand and built Apple into what is arguably the greatest brand of its time.

No use in me rambling about the Apple brand when you can hear it from Steve Jobs himself in this classic video. Relax and reflect in these words from the master.

Keeping the Las Vegas Secret

Geez, with people tweeting, tagging and instantly posting photos on Facebook, it’s tough to keep a secret these days.  And that’s the driving force behind the new evolution of Las Vegas’ “What happens here, stays here” campaign. Continue reading

Samsung spot humanizes technology

In its new TV spot for the Galaxy S II phone, Samsung shows how to humanize technology. Brand connects with the heart. Great job.

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