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Does the jcpenney store experience live up to its new marketing?

The new jcpenney logo echoes the American flag

In the last month jcpenney rolled out a bold new marketing plan, implementing a revised pricing strategy, updated logo and sophisticated looking TV commercials and catalogues. Its new positioning line is “fair and square,” which is aimed at simplifying the buying experience and echoing the company’s core values.

The remake has been an impressive effort so far, but I wondered how this new brand experience was being executed in its store. So I took my camera and went to find out. Continue reading


The Netflix Implosion

If you had any doubt about what’s going on behind the scenes at Netflix, this week’s blog post from CEO Reed Hastings confirms it for me.  The company is in chaos.

I used to be a huge Netflix advocate and was thrilled to switch from Blockbuster, but something has gone terribly wrong and we’re watching it all play out in public. Continue reading

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