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Manning and Irsay’s separation serves as a model for all sports teams

Manning and Irsay hug at their news conference.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and Quarterback Peyton Manning handled their separation in the classiest of ways.

Their news conference showed that not only did they have the greatest respect for each other but for the fans as well.  A remarkable juxtaposition to the way Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Team owners often infuriate their supporters when having to let go a player of Manning’s status. But the way they handled this announcement is a model for all sports teams. Clearly these two men worked together to solve a difficult challenge. The outcome is a testament to the quality of their character. They both recognize this is about the business of football, while balancing the human impact the separation would have on Manning and the city of Indianapolis. Bravo under difficult circumstances.


Read this before you send your next e-mail

A human resources executive at a company named Carat recently committed the same boo-boo most of us have made at one time or another – sending an e-mail to the wrong person. But this mistake was colossal. The HR person planned to send detailed, inside-information about pending layoffs to senior managers. Unfortunately, the e-mail was accidentally sent to the entire staff instead and all the details ultimately landed in the media.

While I hope an e-mail error of that magnitude never happens to you, many business people regularly chip away at their credibility by committing one or more of the eight e-mail sins below. Continue reading

Insightful Video: Sometimes creativity takes time

Sometimes clients  expect inspirational creative work under tight timelines.

Creativity takes time

And while we often make amazing things happen, this video shows why our creative teams always fight for more time.  It’s worth two minutes to watch.


The Netflix Implosion

If you had any doubt about what’s going on behind the scenes at Netflix, this week’s blog post from CEO Reed Hastings confirms it for me.  The company is in chaos.

I used to be a huge Netflix advocate and was thrilled to switch from Blockbuster, but something has gone terribly wrong and we’re watching it all play out in public. Continue reading

BART’s PR Ethics Questioned

Most communication professionals have found themselves in a similar situation – go find people who will support your company’s position and are willing to be quoted or interviewed by the media. On its face, not so bad. So why then is the head of BART’s (Bay Area Rapid Transit) communications team coming under so much fire for trying to get loyal train riders to speak out against recent protests? Continue reading

Runaway Executives: There are some things PR pros can’t fix

Executives self-destructed at both Yahoo and Groupon this week – remarkable to watch from the outside, gut-wrenching
if you’re on the inside.

And because the implosions happened at the very top of both organizations, I am reminded that there are some things even the best communications professionals can’t fix. Continue reading

Don’t take yourself so seriously

Here’s advice for really important people, and for the rest of us who think we are: Don’t take yourself so seriously, it will do wonders for your reputation.

When business is tough and work is stressful it’s easy to forget to lighten up. It happens to the best of us. The challenge is to make sure your self-absorption doesn’t become part of the corporate culture and ooze into your public interactions. Continue reading

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